'Inch by Inch' Stretch with Wade Bryant

Technique 1st, Flexibility 2nd


All About 'Inch by Inch' Stretch with Wade

Based in NYC. I believe in technique first. My technique is dance related so it’s not really “mine”. My background as a former pro Ballet dancer paved the way for me to not only teach but to educate people about flexibility! Getting certified provided me the tool to teach proper technique. No matter if it’s your first day or 10th year training for flexibility everyone gets trained the same way based on their level. My technique will provide you with a broad spectrum of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of stretching and flexibility so that you can apply this directly to your practice of yoga, dance and or just because… NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED

Flexibility training is the least understood of all of the components of fitness. Focusing on technique will aim to provide you with knowledge of flexibility, technique and strength. You will about the benefits of proper flexibility technique training with pros and cons! I’ll try to show different methods of flexibility as well as other techniques designed to improve your range of motion; everything from warm up routines to specific stretches to improve specific moves and whole body sequences which you can build into different flexibility poses . ALL of my classes/sessions are designed for who is in the class at the level you are. Again, from no level to intermediate and advanced! All ages


3 Benefits of Stretching

Improve posture. Tight muscles can cause poor posture.

Can improve range of motion.

Not just learning how to split but also preventing/helping back pain.

I can only educate you. But you have to be ready to work. It doesn't start or end with me, we have to meet each other half way. If you're on my site only means your preparing your mind and body to work, hopefully I see you soon

Fun at Yoga

Satisfied Classmates

'I’ve been to a few yoga and other stretch classes and by far his technique left me feeling “stretched”. It’s so hard to explain with words! You just have to experience it yourself. "Thank me later"

Gabby Anderson

'Believe you can and your half way there." 
'I've been coming to Wade's class since Jan and everytime I leave its like a feeling of relief and empowerment ... Stretch class has become a hobby of mine it's not about just doing a split or being the most flexible to me it's coming to class giving your all and being better than when you first walked in.'

Marva Jean who swears she’s my fav client. 


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