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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book classes after buying a package?

You will download the FITBYWIX app, check your email for the invite code, and please join the app with the same email you used to purchase the package to have access to your subscription. On the app, you will go to 'book now 'to book all your sessions.

How can I book a private session with Wade. 

Most Private Sessions take place in NYC. If traveling to your state, sessions may open up. 

What is your refund policy?

All purchases of classes are considered final and cannot be exchanged for another service or refunded.

Do you provide training for individuals lacking flexibility or experience, including those who are overweight?

I provide training to anyone and everyone who is eager to learn.

Can I use my 'in person package' for virtual sessions?

No, the packages are not transferrable, and cannot be used to participate

in sessions not correlated to the package.

Will I gain flexibility with your training?

Individual results will vary. However, My aim is to help each person attain their highest level of flexibility.

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